Ashlyn Postier

Bio: First things first- I love Jesus. And coffee. But mostly Jesus. Maybe one day we can have a coffee date and chat about Jesus, but until then, here is a little about myself. I am in my early twenties, a recent college grad, married, and a mother of three beautiful huskies Lace, Gracie, and Pason. I married a wonderful man that pursued me from day one. Before me, he passionately pursues his relationship with God, showing me His love and grace everyday. We were married on May 11, 2013... quite young according to society. However, marriage has been a wonderful blessing and has taught us even more about God's amazing grace. While I am crazy about Dylan, the love of my life is Jesus Christ. I grew up in a small town, Presbyterian Church learning about our Savior. It wasn't until I was 15 years old that I was finally able to understand God's grace. I was at a summer church camp when everything finally clicked and I realized how desperately I needed a Savior. I have learned that Jesus wants us to fully surrender ourselves to Him daily and in turn He gives us abundant life. I'm not saying that my life has been rainbows and butterflies, but because of His promises I know that He works for my good. (Romans 8:28) Since then I have gone to a junior college to play basketball, attended a university, travelled overseas on a mission trip, have gotten married, and now am a semester away from graduating and entering into the "real world." I hope you find my blog encouraging and uplifting and I hope we can continue to learn about Jesus together!

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