Puppy Love

Hey y’all. I will try not to wait 21 days in between each of my blog posts, but no promises. We have two baby huskies! Need I say more??


If you missed it the first time I said it, yes… we now have TWO puppies. Double the trouble. Double the potty. Double the chewed up socks. Double the (read: slobbery) kisses. D.o.u.b.l.e the love. You wouldn’t think having a puppy would teach you many lessons, but oh boy they do.
Slow down: Obviously these two pups are adorable and they always will be adorable, at least in my eyes. However, they are growing up way. too. fast. Puppy stage is flying by and it is making me slow down. Slow down by cherishing the times I can be around them, taking the extra five minutes I have to give them a good belly rub (which they LOVE), and taking ALL the pictures of them. But seriously its getting a little ridiculous how many pictures I have of them.

This lesson is also spilling over into other parts of my life. I am officially in my last semester of college. Officially. Last Semester. Of college. Say what?? How did that happen? Now I am most definitely excited about graduating, but this rapid pace of life has caught me off guard. I have realized I may miss taking notes, not having anything to do until my night classes, and having access to a free gym! It is time to sloowwww down. My main challenge to myself is to slow down and take all of the new experiences that come my way in and enjoy.

Okay, I know you all are dying to know a little about our pups! 🙂

Grason/Grace/Gracie is our first born! Not really they were actually born at the same time. (More on that in a second.) We got her at 8 beautiful weeks old and she was the definition of cute. She was very calm at first, but quickly grew playful. She is also athletic, so obviously she takes after me. She can basically climb over anything including the tallest of baby gates, crates, etc… She also enjoys chewing quite a bit. Including anything that shreds to pieces and leaves a huge mess, my hand, and the refrigerator (not kidding.) She was also VERY easy to train… until our new pup came into the picture, then we took a couple steps back.


“Mom, this bottle just crumbled up like this by itself. I promise.”

Pason/Pace is the second puppy we got! She is from the same litter as Gracie! They are sisters! Long story short, she was put on craigslist because her previous owners didn’t have as much time as they thought to train her and whatnot. Dylan found the ad and they sold her to us for half the cost of Gracie, plus they gave us their big crate. SCORE. We got her at 12/13 weeks! Pason was/is/and probably always will be calmer than Gracie. She is just a natural sweetheart. I like to call her my snugglewufflegus. She loves to cuddle with you and will basically be content however you position her.



So, sorry for the random ramblings in this post! Hope you enjoyed!

blessings… ashlyn


First Post!! #findyourstrong

I have been wanting to start a blog for about two years now. I actually set this blog up last summer and never got around to writing a post. But what better motivation than a new year, a clean slate, and a day off of work? So here I am, on January 1, 2014, starting my very own blog! Wohoo! I know you are so excited. Somehow I made it through my education with A’s in all of my English and writing classes, but I really have no idea what I’m doing. Lauren Matthesen has always been the writer. 🙂

“Don’t forget to play with me, mom!”

But anyway, the idea behind “Dressed in Strength” is from Proverbs 31:17. The verse is “She dresses herself with strength and makes her arms strong.” When the thought of starting a blog popped up, I knew I wanted it to be about my faith but also about my love for running and living a healthy lifestyle. So what does it mean that she “dresses herself with strength?” To me I believe that the strength is not only physical, but mental. That while she keeps her body in physical shape, she sharpens her mind. Boldness. Courage. Power. Strength. Confidence. 

My prayer for this blog is that it encourages and challenges you and me to dig deeper in our faith and causes us to push our limits physically and mentally. And like Saucony, #findyourstrong.

blessings… ashlyn